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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Another day at the office

My mate dave brought his chevy round to show me today so had to get a photo with George not often you get 2 fiftys pickups together in Bridgend

Friday, 23 March 2012

Lil yam more like little twat

Found out yesterday I have 3 miles on my reserve tap popped home lunch time and ran out of fuel half way back so had to walk back home nick all the fuel out of the harley walk back and get back to work completely messed my after noon up and know one to blame bar me. Then tonight went to the pub for some lunch after work Hayley leaves in the truck I turn my head llight on no light no tools and no phone bugger so I had to sqease my finger through the hole in the back of the light and fiddle with the wire while doing so I broke the rear light doh got home took 2 seconds to fix with a screw driver

Lil yam

Done a bit more work on the yam tightened up the cam chain and checked the tapets so its running like a dream cut the rear fender down and chucked a bit of black on it got some ideas for some paint later but with all this nice weather I just want to ride did have plans to sell this bike soon but after riding it again I can't get rid of my little baby

George new exhaust

All the bits have come to make the exhaust so I've been busy welding

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Cardiff bike night
Thought I'd make an effort to do something positive.

Hope everyone gets involved and supports this.

Feel free to reblog this.
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More of that damn truck

At this rate I might get this truck back on the road by Xmas just not sure which year
Got most of the welding done on the one side so the fuel tank can go back in and I can get on with new exhaust
Also started to fit the new rams head manifolds sexy

Brough superior

Went out for brekkie this morning and found this beauty owned by a friend of my dads. Then went for a run for an ice cream were my bike decided to fall over all on its own never happens in a quiet car park does it all ways on the sea front in front of every one ha ha

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Evo painted

It's still for sale if any one wants it

George again

After finishing all the bushes and link pins it's time to move on to a bit more body work got all all the back and front in primer then got the fuel tank out to start welding up the rear corner

Monday, 5 March 2012

George gets some fresh bush

Done a bit more work on Hayley's truck we new the shackle bushes were fucked and the link pins so all the stuff turned up from the states last week so time to get in to it. Hope fully this will help with the bad steering. Didn't realise the back shackles were that bad it had destroyed the bush and the pin and started wearing its way through the cast piece so I've machined up a metal sleeve which I will weld in just need some new reamers now fuck this jobs a pain in the arse. The fronts not so bad so it's just a case of get it all of paint and new bushes in and back together