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Thursday, 22 November 2012


Sacramento ford to get some bits for George

One of my favourite cars on the salt flats

YouTube Video

Garage inc so much stuff there I couldn't decid what to bu so all I ended up with was a manual

The mots not such a bad idea how this guy drove in a straight line was a mystery to me

Sausaging around

Made this sculpture for Hayley a while back out o some scrap I had lying around

This was my inspiration sausage the dog

Matts little bug

Finished matts beetle just before I went to America not looking to shabby the list of welding I've done goes something like
New floors
New frame horn
New heater channels
New lower 1/4 all around
Front nose and wheel well
New rear valance
Roof and gutter sections
All new running gear
House of colour blue

Slim down tanks

Started making these slim down tanks in the summer now the winters come and the bikes in bits thought I would get a bit more done

Should have started with 3 gallon tanks but hay hoe

Can't finish the other tank till I get the motor back in the frame now man these are a lot of work todo but well worth it I think

Panel work on the luv bus

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Saturday, 14 July 2012

Shovels back

Had to leave the bike in a French garage for the aa to collect did worry this might be the last time I see it but It turned back up in exactly the same state as I left so heads of bits ordered now it's chopper time

Linkert and back

What an amazing week great times great company blew the head gasket on the way out of jarrs on the way home spent all day trying to fix it in a French guys work shop who just left us to use his work shop while he went to work but it blew again about 15 miles down the road cheers for all the help guys it was worth a shot

Monday, 18 June 2012


What an awesome week end cheers Sav for the lift