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Sunday, 15 January 2012

Yam and megs

This is my daft dog megs she helps me out every now and then not so good with the welder being shes very flammable being made of fluff but makes a great lap warmer
The bikes nearly done any way just got to cut down the rear fender and paint and fit the new seat and fit the new throttle grips when they turn up a quick clean up then up for sale for £2200 if any ones interested

New starter

The new starter came this week so George the truck lives again it's a tiny thing compaired to the old unit but it cranks that engine over nice and fast now also got the wings on red oxide thought I would do a quick bit of panel beating on the rear wing were he's been hit in the past man this steels thick 2 hours later and I've hardly got any were will have to have another go with a bit of heat later
Been messing round trying to find his new colours the goose wing grey is a winner I think but the Lego green wasn't like that on the website back to the drawing board on that one
That's Dai in the wing ha ha

Evo softtail for sale

The time has come that a butterfly has flown past and caught my eye ( in the form of a shovel head ) so I'm having a clear out
So first is my 1985 evo softail lovely bike been out on her this morning and she is such a pleasure to ride
Email me for more details on
New rear tyre new rear pads new bates style seat
£7000 and she's yours

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Rich split

Been working like mad on this split trying to get all the welding done for the mot then ran out gas and due to a faf with my account have to wait a few days to get a new one really annoyed cause i was really getting into as well.
This ones been a lot harder than I thought lots of small fiddly bits

Evo update

Got my new tyre for the evo from north hants tyres so I can get rid of the horrible looking back tyre so got the rear wheel of which was a lot easy than I thought it was going to be had visions of her fighting me all the way just need new disc now


This is my wife's f100 truck the deal is I fix truck she makes dinner as I'm a god awful cook. Well I've being eating very well and really not been doing my part so when the starter packed in I thought I may as well make a start so starter has been sent of for a rebuild started going through the engine and found the points were not even opening how it ran at all I'm amazed and feel really bad I've been this lazy and not looked before. Also been striping the awful stone chip of the to wings one front and one back how that happened I'm not sure but looked crap

Late night machining

Making a few rollers for a mate to roll barn door floor panels

New logo

Had a bit of a play on the computer and came up with a new logo will get some stickers and tshirts done ASAP

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Sema 2011

Well last year now I was really lucky to get to go out to the sema show in las vegas the show was mind blowing I expected it to be out of this world but it was better than I expected every one there was so welcoming and I got to meet some of the hotrod builders who have inspired me over the years. Think my high light was when one of the guys from hok gave my wife a toy f100 and she replied thank you very much I have one of these back home in the uk to which the guy response as if talking to a 6 year old child arrr you have a model like this at home to which my wife replys no i drive 1954 f100 most days thank you very much guy goes pink and shuts up.

Evo paint

Got the front and rear fender painted tonight for the evo it's a bit cold to paint really but they came out ok for now

Winter warmth

Been struggling with condensation in the work shop from the big diesel heater I had so decided to build my self a little wood burner keeps the place nice and warm and if I pack it full of coal at night it's still warm in the morning. It's not the nicest looking but it's stopped my machinery rusting and dosnt make you feel sick like the diesel one did.

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Evo progress

As much as I love my evo me being me I had to make a few changes
So here's were I'm up to so far smaller shovel tank smaller risers new seat new rear mud guard which I'm not happy with so a rethink on that one I'm afraid

a new beginging

well after shuting my company and joining my wifes i built my self a man shed and got a corner of hayleys workshop @aviaspeedshop and this is me telling any one who will listen all the exciting things i get up to now i have to much time on my hands and these are my 2 partners in crime not much use with a welder but they do make me laugh